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Bewley's Tea Gold 6x80s [Regular Stock] - HD 4TRT0155 $65.81
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate (PM) 6x250g [Regular Stock] - HD 450830-1039143 $44.31
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 6x500g [Regular Stock] - HD 400905-1039144 $77.27
Clipper Organic Infusion Nettle Tea 6PK 20x30g [Regular Stock] - HD ATEA-CNHT $26.81
PG Tips Original 12x40's [Regular Stock] - HD 1075764 $68.57
Twinings Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower Teabags 4x20's [Regular Stock] - HD 450791-1038671 $24.43
Twinings Origins Assam Tea Strong & Malty 4x40s [Regular Stock] - HD 450801-1038482 $36.17
Typhoo Decaff Teabags 6x80's [Regular Stock] - HD 1039369 $43.28